L'Univers Folhousa

By developping our brand, we wished to associate Fohlousa to a concept. This concept is the following one, as we take selfie or picture of ourself, our caps strike the pose appearing in front a lot of various landscapes and monument from everywhere on the planet.
— Benoit Bregere CEO Folhousa

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Our idea

The cap is now taking an important part of our appearance, just over ouf faces it is many times the first thing that we will note when we see or discuss with someone. This can be consider then as the cloth that can be associated the most to our style. Like this it is like we appear on a picture through our cap.

Style & Quality

Our caps are made with the best quality and with various styles and colours, everyone can find for him or a friend the perfect model match corresponding to his style. Our mission is to offer to everyone a cap that will fit him.


In France

For us the french knows-how is incredible and prestigious this is why we decided to embroider and brush all our caps in France 


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Folhousa is proud to be a french brand and participate to various sponsoring partnership with regional or national sport project. 

We have a real wish to follow this partnership through sport and culture projects that pleased us, we have a concrete structure and RP in order to manage and follow the different project involved.




Tim Garret French Bicycle championship

USG La Fouillouse